RE: proliferation of reference roles in the dpub aria spec.

I like this approach





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From: Richard Schwerdtfeger [] 
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Subject: proliferation of reference roles in the dpub aria spec. 


As I said, I have had somewhat of a concern about the numerous definition of roles that are essentially links. The Coga task force wants to introduce and aria-destination attribute for links to create standard destinations users would go to to enable consistent style of the UI for familiarity to the user. 

See the aria-destination attribute from coga:  <>

So for these roles I would prefer to have:

<div role="link" aria-destination="biblioentry"> as opposed to  <>


<div role="link" aria-destination="glossentry" as opposed to  <>

This would cause us to start folding in some of the coga features into ARIA 1.1. 

Feedback? Coga has similar needs. 


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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