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I think we can accomplish what is needed by embedding an Iframe, which
takes a src attribute, in an details element. This would allow us to take
crowd sourced content from a third party, Also, because it is a web page we
can also take XML content that is supported by a special plugin, say for
chart XML. We would then need to have a CSS Media query that is used to
drive the visibility of the Details element. This could be driven by an
operating system setting.

We still need to drive this across browsers but I think it gets us where we
want and provides value to more than screen reader users. I do think we
have to work out some more of the details around this approach but I think
it solves the remote content problem without breaking existing
implementations of details. What it does not do is address what happens
when network connectivity is lost and we can't access the remote content.
We would need some sort of fallback mechanism for that.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	08/13/2015 03:09 PM
Subject:	20150813 minutes

Tzviya Siegman
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