Re: W3C Community Group comments

Hi all,

The attached document is the product of my sort-of-exhaustive review  
of the current drafts of the two W3C/DNT docs (TPE, the very technical  
spec, and Compliance/Scope, the more policy spec).

It is best viewed in Word in "outline view," and roughly depicts the  
current state of play of each issue in each of the two documents, TPE  
first and Compliance/Scope second.  Some issues are simply omitted  
because I didn't think we cared.  Where possible, I listed the issue,  
the current draft text or my distillation of the email discussion, and  
a brief thought or comment.  In some cases I included Aleecia  
McDonald's comments on the issue.

Some issues are grouped/clustered because they are closely related.   
Some groups of issues are designated as "defer" either because there  
hasn't been enough done on them.  Other issues that haven't moved are  
present because I believe some of us will nevertheless have comments.

The attached document does not replace the Community Group (CG) draft  
that John and I sent earlier.  That draft remains, but I decided that  
it would be easier for people to comment on individual issues if  
presented in this form, rather than as a narrative.  My hope is that  
people can skim the attached document and react to the individual  
issues, so that John and I can get specific feedback on individual  

We will then fit them into the prior CG draft, which of course may  
necessitate a major rewrite.

Note that each issue mentioned in this attached document may not be  
addressed in our final comments (due Jan. 10 to Aleecia).  I cast a  
broad net now to minimize the chance of ignoring an issue that any of  
us cares about.  But because the timeline is short, I expect to delete/ 
drop issues that no one weighs in on.  John and I will, of course,  
address issues that we care about.

*We'd like all comments by 9 am Pacific Weds Jan 4.  Even if you don't  
have time to do anything else, PLEASE review Jonathan Mayer/Mozilla  
Draft Text on First Parties and Third Parties (ACTION-34, ISSUE-10,  
ISSUE-26, ISSUE-88), which was sent earlier in this thread.*

Our goal is to send a final draft for sign-on late Sunday night, Jan  
8, so that we can ship it Jan 10.  Because this is a coalition effort,  
we don't expect full agreement, and intend to register dissenting  
views -- but John and I only have so much time to incorporate  

Happy New Year,

On Dec 26, 2011, at 5:45 PM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:

> On 27/12/2011, at 9:22 AM, Lee Tien wrote:
>> Thanks, Jeremy.  The purpose of this reference is not to denigrate  
>> other countries' privacy laws but emphasize two things:
> I hope you don't think I was doing that, rather I was concerned that  
> beginning with the argument that "DNT is important because the US  
> first amendment does not otherwise cover private actors" doesn't  
> resonate outside the US, where, incidentally private actors often  
> are covered by privacy law anyhow.  Also it made the document  
> (understandably in the circumstances!) seem like an EFF or Consumer  
> Watchdog submission rather than one of an international community  
> group.
>> 1) how online behavior is closely associated with expressional  
>> freedoms and thus generally imbued with not only a privacy interest  
>> but also an expressional interest;
> Then maybe you could refer (also, or instead) to the Universal  
> Declaration of Human Rights which in Article 19 provides the right  
> to "seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media  
> and regardless of frontiers".
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