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Thanks!  Good clarifications.


On Dec 26, 2011, at 5:45 PM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:

> On 27/12/2011, at 9:22 AM, Lee Tien wrote:
>> Thanks, Jeremy.  The purpose of this reference is not to denigrate  
>> other countries' privacy laws but emphasize two things:
> I hope you don't think I was doing that, rather I was concerned that  
> beginning with the argument that "DNT is important because the US  
> first amendment does not otherwise cover private actors" doesn't  
> resonate outside the US, where, incidentally private actors often  
> are covered by privacy law anyhow.  Also it made the document  
> (understandably in the circumstances!) seem like an EFF or Consumer  
> Watchdog submission rather than one of an international community  
> group.
>> 1) how online behavior is closely associated with expressional  
>> freedoms and thus generally imbued with not only a privacy interest  
>> but also an expressional interest;
> Then maybe you could refer (also, or instead) to the Universal  
> Declaration of Human Rights which in Article 19 provides the right  
> to "seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media  
> and regardless of frontiers".
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