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Comments on DI Select Draft

From: <Sailesh.Sathish@nokia.com>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 08:58:42 +0300
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Here are some minor editorial comments:

1. Section 4.3 The selid and selidName Attributes

Last line in that section "Section 4.4 Using the Attributes illustrates the use of the expr attribute"
I guess you mean "Section 4.4 Using the Attributes illustrates the use of the selid and selidName attribute"
2. Section 5.3.1 Attributes
For precept attribute. It would be good to add a line that says: "It can take one of the following values: " that can avoid confusion. It has been done for section 5.8.1. 

3. Section 5.10 using the elements. In the last example that shows the use of Options
and select, within the first "when" element, you probably need to escape the "and" with 

4.Section 3.2.1 diselect-reprocess Event. 

Can you be a bit more specific about how the event will be handled? for example use XML events?
An example would help (something like <sel:process type="every" ev:event="diselect-reprocess" ev:handler="http://uri/to#handler"/>)

Thank you.

best regards,


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