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RE: Industry Research/Data

From: <kylie.v.davies@accenture.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 10:02:21 +0000
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Hi Adam,

Quite a lengthy email but hopefully some helpful intel below. We’ve completed a few surveys and thought leadership around consumer mobility at Accenture. See attached a report on Mobile Apps (it has a few useful stats). You can also find/search for other reports and errr, ‘light reading’ on our website<https://www.accenture.com/gb-en/new-applied-now>.

Some Accenture 2016 findings: The typical mobile app, cross-industry, suffers with around 75% churn of users in a 3-month duration. It is prudent to consider users following a non-stop cycle where they toggle between all available digital solutions based on ease of use. Essentially, users tend to follow the “path of least resistance”.

While it may initially appear useful to think of the mobile web simply as the “funnel” that leads users towards the mobile app – primarily used by “power users” who are “loyal”, in our experience this approach is a fallacy. Realistic usage patterns indicate that “casual” and “loyal” users exist among both mobile web and mobile app solutions. In fact, according to mobile marketing service provider Localytics, the average mobile app retention rate (cross-industry) in 2015 was 25% after 90 days (link<http://info.localytics.com/blog/mobile-apps-whats-a-good-retention-rate>). In other words, across all industries, 75% of all app users churn within 90 days. For eCommerce / Retail category, the churn rate is even higher, at 82%.

Interesting note: Recent data indicates that a growing share of users’ time in-app is actually being spent browsing the web. For example, users spend a considerable amount of time online inside apps like Instagram looking at their friend's pictures. A deeper look at global mobile web traffic share on iOS devices indicates a large share of web traffic by time spent (46%) comes from nonstock or non-native web browsers. Out of the overall nonstock web-browsing behavior, 94% of time spent is driven by in-app browsing or app webviews. In other words, roughly 43% of all time spent browsing the internet on iOS devices is driven by in-app browsing. For Android, this share is a little lower but still appreciable, at nearly 39%. Simply put, consumers are spending more time browsing the web outside of browsers, driven by mobile. The further drives the implication that “all web is mobile web”.

I also found the following info (I’m not sure if you can leverage data from these platforms to benchmark an array of apps or they are used more to focus on specific/individual app usage): AppAnnie or SimilarWeb and FedEx can view and analyze all sorts of data points related to app store performance of their apps. FedEx can track app downloads, download rate, app store ranking as well as ratings.

Some interesting Accenture blogs:




Business insider have some good articles re. app usage: http://uk.businessinsider.com/s?q=mobile+app+usage

Let me know if you have any Qs – happy to help.

Best Regards,



Kylie Davies
Technology Consultant
Fuels Retail Practice | Resources

Accenture I Management Consulting
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From: Adam Lake [mailto:creatinglake@gmail.com]
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Hi All,

I am doing a bit of investigating into consumer app usage patterns, particularly around app fatigue (mobiles users getting tired of downloading so many apps).

Do you all have any suggestions as to where I can find hard data on this subject and others relating to digital offers and retail in general?


Adam Lake


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