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Re: Musings on PWP Offline/Online Modes

From: Cramer, Dave <Dave.Cramer@hbgusa.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2016 14:31:09 +0000
To: Nick Ruffilo <nickruffilo@gmail.com>
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On Jan 5, 2016, at 9:26 AM, Nick Ruffilo <nickruffilo@gmail.com<mailto:nickruffilo@gmail.com>> wrote:

The notes about simply caching and having "http://louvre.com/monalisa" point to the cached version seem a much more simply way of achieving what I was looking to originally do - wish I thought about it at first.

The one thing I have noticed from this conversation is that the only way we will really answer this question is to:

1) List use cases
2) Discuss the possible solutions to individual situations
3) Slowly cross off the unreasonable solutions

Service workers seem like they can most certainly be part of the solution - but I'm unsure if service workers - out of the box - are the entire solution, so the question really becomes, what do we need to do to augment service workers or whatever the answer is to achieve our goals.  From what I see, it seems like we need a mechanism to define what resources get cached and what do not.  Does service workers do this?

Yes. In all the examples I've seen or worked on, you create an explicit list of resources to cache. Acme Publishing uses a manifest file for exactly that purpose, so the document author decides if a given resource should be cached or should be unavailable when offline.


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