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Tangential FYI - how the IETF is changing their digital publishing format(s)

From: Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) <rse@rfc-editor.org>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 11:26:32 -0800
To: public-digipub-ig@w3.org
Message-ID: <56BE31E8.4060406@rfc-editor.org>
Hi all,

Some of you might be interested in seeing the gory details behind how
the IETF/IAB/IRTF/Independent Submissions document streams for the RFC
Series are preparing to change the format of RFCs.

Feel free to participate in the conversation; even a "hey, this is good
stuff" would be considered very useful feedback. Reading list and
details are included below.


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Subject: [rfc-i] UPDATED Call for Comment: RFC Format Drafts
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 09:35:24 -0800
From: IAB Executive Administrative Manager <execd@iab.org>
Reply-To: rfc-interest@rfc-editor.org, iab@iab.org
To: IETF Announcement List <ietf-announce@ietf.org>
CC: rfc-interest@rfc-editor.org

This is an announcement of an IETF-wide Call for Comment on the RFC
Format Drafts. These documents are being considered for publication as
Informational RFCs within the IAB stream.  The suggested reading order

1. The big picture

- - - Flanagan, H., "RFC Format Framework",

2. The underlying vocabulary

- - - Hoffman, P., "The 'XML2RFC' version 3 Vocabulary",

3. The outputs

- - - Hildebrand, J. and P. Hoffman, "HyperText Markup
   Language Request For Comments Format”,

- - - Flanagan, H., "Requirements for Plain Text RFCs",

- - - Hansen, T., Masinter, L., and M. Hardy, "PDF for
   an RFC Series Output Document Format”,

- - - Brownlee, N., "SVG Drawings for RFCs: SVG 1.2 RFC",

4. Generalized requirements

- - - Flanagan, H., "The Use of Non-ASCII Characters in RFCs",

- - - Flanagan, H., “CSS Requirements for RFCs”,

5. Workflow and tools (note that the examples draft will
   not become an RFC, but is necessary for the project)

- - - Hildebrand, J. and P. Hoffman, "RFC v3 Prep Tool Description",

- - - Hoffman, P. and T. Hansen, "Examples of the ‘XML2RFC'
   Version 2 and 3 Vocabularies”,

6. The Statements of Work

- - - http://www.nostrum.com/~rjsparks/rfced/

The Call for Comment will last until 2016-03-11. Please send comments to
rfc-interest@rfc-editor.org and iab@iab.org. Please note that messages
sent to rfc-interest from addresses that are not subscribed to the list
will have to wait for moderation. To subscribe to rfc-interest, go to

[The initial call for comments sent 2016-03-10 requested feedback only
to iab@iab.org, which is not a public list. The feedback received to
date will be forwarded to rfc-interest.]

For comments on individual drafts, please include the relevant document
filename in the subject line.

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