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Re: captchas in dpub?

From: Matt Garrish <matt.garrish@bell.net>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 18:48:55 -0400
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To: "Nick Ruffilo" <nickruffilo@gmail.com>, "Deborah Kaplan" <dkaplan@safaribooksonline.com>
CC: "W3C Digital Publishing IG" <public-digipub-ig@w3.org>
Isn’t there a reasonable expectation that they might occur anywhere a form submission from an ebook could occur?

I’m not aware of anyone using them, but without reliable scripting support, or support for network access, that’s not really surprising. If both those conditions become true(r), I can’t see why they wouldn’t inevitably start to appear.

I wouldn’t discount their occurrence, at any rate, but I wouldn’t see them as a pressing concern at this time, either.


From: Nick Ruffilo 
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2015 12:15 PM
To: Deborah Kaplan 
Cc: W3C Digital Publishing IG 
Subject: Re: captchas in dpub?

While this is clearly not something in use today, I can imagine CAPTCHA being a really good encryption breaker-preventer.  Imagine if every time you wanted to attempt to put in a password/passkey to decrypt you had to do a CAPTCHA - this would essentially stop brute-force attempting.   

Personally I know that there is no way to truly stop hacking/cracking, so even the method above wouldn't fully prevent things.  But, it's an interesting use case that would at least make a good buzz-word (Only people will be able to read your content) yet it's letting non-people read that will create wonderful new business models we haven't yet thought of.


On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 11:56 AM, Deborah Kaplan <dkaplan@safaribooksonline.com> wrote:

  The accessibility task force was wondering about the applicability of CAPTCHA to digital publishing, and none of us could come up with use cases for CAPTCHAs in digital publishing. As accessibility folks, of course, we all want to say that CAPTCHAs are totally irrelevant to digital publishing because nobody is using them. :)

  Realistically, however, do any of you know of any real life or potential reasonable use cases for captcha in digital publishing?



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