Appeal of the WG Chairs on the draft DiD Working Group charter

Context: Joe Andrieu requested to file an appeal on the DID WG chairs 
decision to merge some changes in the charter proposal to be submitted 
to AC review. Joe argues that this charter does not reflect the 
consensus of the WG. The chairs, on the other hand, argue that 1) while 
there is indeed no clear consensus, this charter is the most acceptable 
for the majority of the group (an assessment that was confirmed by a 
recent poll); and that 2) the charter is not a WG deliverable, and 
consensus must be reached at the AC level anyway, so Joe’s argument 
should be raised during AC review, not prior to it.

Dear Joe,

In response to your appeal (sent to Pierre-Antoine Champin and me on 
April 12, 2023), and in light of the discussions we had with you, with 
the DID Working Group chairs, and of the results of the poll sent to the 
DID Working Group on May 22, 2023 [1].

While the W3C team concurs there is no consensus within the Working 
Group, we reached the conclusion that the best way forward for the 
Working Group is to submit the charter proposal, in its current state 
[2], to the Advisory Committee for review, per section 4.3 Advisory 
Committee Review of a Charter [3]. We will clearly signal that there is 
dissent among the participants of the Working Group, and encourage all 
members (including those disagreeing participants) to discuss these 
issues as part of the AC review. We expect that the charter proposal may 
further evolve during this discussion, and hope that the end result will 
be acceptable to all members.

Philippe Le Hegaret,
W3C Strategy and Project Lead


On 4/12/2023 6:20 PM, Joe Andrieu wrote:
> Pierra-Antoine,
> As team contact, I am officially asking for an appeal to the decision by 
> the WG chairs.
> The required information is published publicly at 
> <>
> I look forward to hearing from the Director.

Received on Wednesday, 26 July 2023 18:23:20 UTC