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> 4-Priority 1 Issues [1] (25 min)
> 5-Priority 2 Issues [2] (15 min)
> 6-Priority 3 Issues [3] (5 min)

Hi all,

As Brent mentioned in a previous email, we're in the final stretch to
get to Candidate Recommendation. One of the requirements for CR is that
we close or defer ALL issues. This means that we're going to have to
start making some hard decisions on work we're going to do NOW and work
we're going to postpone until DID Core v2.

To be clear, the only document we're taking into Candidate
Recommendation in the next month is the DID Core specification. That
specification will be what we focus on and that is the only
specification that we're going to consider deferring items on in the
next couple of weeks.

We're going to do a dry-run of categorization on the call today as we go
through issues. Namely, this will be the process for each issue we process:

1. Ask for a volunteer to do whatever needs to be done to close the
   issue before Candidate Recommendation (this will almost always
   require a PR to be written within the next 2-3 weeks).

2. If there is no such volunteer, unassign all people from the issue
   and mark it with the 'potentially-defer-v2' label.

While this does not defer anything this week... it sets an expectation
that once we need to make the hard call, any item marked as
potentially-defer-v2 that hasn't had a volunteer step forward to do work
will be deferred to be handled during v2 of the specification (a future WG).

We'll make sure to reiterate this process on the call today.

-- manu

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