DID WG Issue Processing as we Approach CR

Greetings DID WG Participants,

We are fast approaching our deadline for transitioning DID Core
(Decentralized Identifiers v1.0) to Candidate Recommendation status.
Before doing so, we need to address the remaining open issues. We have
mentioned previously that we would need to begin marking issues that we
will defer to a future version of the specification. Any issues that are
not addressed before we transition to CR will be deferred.

We expect to enter this phase of issue processing very soon. Once we begin,
there will be a two week window during which PRs may be raised and further
actions taken to address open issues. After those two weeks, open issues
which have not been addressed will be deferred.

Please anticipate an announcement that we are entering this work mode
sometime next week.

Please submit PRs for any issues you would like to see addressed in this
version of the specification as soon as possible.

thank you,

W3C DID WG Chairs:
Dan Burnett
Brent Zundel

Received on Friday, 8 January 2021 19:20:31 UTC