Devices and Sensors WG - TPAC 2021 vF2F - meeting minutes and summary

Hi Devices and Sensors WG participants,

It was great to catch up with you all last week at the DAS WG's TPAC vF2F. We had an action-packed agenda, so please take your time to catch up via the minutes and let your chairs know if you have any questions.

Below I summarize some of the discussions we had last week. Please refer to the meeting minutes and GH issues and PRs linked from the agenda for further context.

On Day 1, we explored new capabilities that are candidates to be adopted by this group: Contact Picker API, Compute Pressure API, Screen Brightness Mode, and Idle Detection API. We also received an update on the group's charter review status that increased our confidence for a timely resolution. Follow-up meetings are set up to continue discussion on some of the new capabilities.

On Day 2, we discussed Device Posture API and its revised posture types, TAG review status and semantic postures. The group resolved to start the process to publish Screen Wake Lock API as a Candidate Recommendation. The group decided to strengthen Battery Status API privacy and security mitigations and take steps toward deprecating non-secure usage. The group recommended the rebooted Network Information API to focus on documenting key use cases. Geolocation API is transitioning to Candidate Recommendation and HTML Media Capture is being transferred to HTML Living Standard.

On Day 3, the group focused on important privacy, security and architectural issues. We reviewed our progress with respect to AB/TAG experiment recommendations and discussed how to most efficiently collaborate with privacy and security groups. In privacy cross-group brainstorming session we discussed new research findings on user perspective of access to mobile sensors. We resolved to add high-level "motion-sensors" permission, to make Ambient Light Sensor granularity of the data normative, and to add camera permission requirement to Ambient Light Sensor spec. The group agreed the Magnetometer spec should solicit developer feedback to help identify further high value use cases.

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-Anssi (DAS WG co-chair)

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