Re: CfC: CR of Wake Lock API, review by 6 Dec

Hi Fuqiao,

> On 8 Dec 2017, at 4.22, Fuqiao Xue <> wrote:
> Hi Anssi,
> On 2017-12-07 21:09, Kostiainen, Anssi wrote:
>> This CfC passed without concerns. We'll proceed with the CR publication.
>> Fuqiao - can you help check the spec is publication ready.
> Could you please draft a transition request to Candidate Recommendation? (As described in

I just sent the TranReq. If you spot any issues, chime in on it (Member-only link):

> Note the upcoming publication moratorium is December 18 - January 1,[1] so next week is the last chance for us to publish Wake Lock CR within our current charter.
> Also, we may need to change the HTML/DOM/WebIDL refs to the /TR version to get the transition approval.
> I found the wide review request of Wake Lock, in case it's needed:
> Footnote:
> [1] (member-only link)



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