Re: [sensors] Malicious use of the phone's Gyroscope

On 06/08/2016 11:24 AM, Tobie Langel via GitHub wrote:
>> For example, if the spec explicitly states that orientation events
> must be
> paused/suspended if the page, tab or browser is in the 'background'
> whether
> this could alleviate the security concerns.
> See [Browsing
> Context]( for this.

two things:
- is overly strict.
   Other specs, like DeviceOrientation recommends firing events only on toplevel browsing context _and_ same origin
   nested browsing context. (those nested context can anyhow get the data from top level so no need to restrict them out.)

- it is a bit vaguely said that "must only be available in the top-level browsing context" ... "For example ...not on the background tabs"
   Background tabs are top level browsing contexts.


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