Re: Status of Ambient Light Sensors

Hi Lukasz,

> On 04 Jun 2016, at 21:05, Lukasz Olejnik (W3C) <> wrote:
> I'm wondering when would be the right time to come up with ALS privacy considerations.

The right time is now. We can iterate the text until the spec is final, so actually anytime is the right time.

> Are there any indications when the spec could be finalized?

The spec will be finalized when we have at least two interoperable implementations and have demonstrated interoperability of all the features.

Currently, we know that a Chromium implementation is in the making.

> For example, I'm wondering what will happen to the precision of readout - is, by default the readout limited to the resolution similar with MediaQueries?

As currently specced, the precision of the reading is an implementation detail. Varies from platform to another. Also each implementation may decide what is the precision to expose.

The user consent requirements are in the Request Sensor Access abstract operation:

The operation is referenced from Sensor.start():

> For the moment I am preparing something general, possible to swiftly adapt later on. I will also perform some tests based on the development Chrome implementation.

Please submit your proposal as a PR against the appropriate spec, or provide the text to be integrated by the editors.

For any ALS specific text:

For the generic privacy considerations:



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