Re: [battery] getBattery() test case feedback

On 11/01/2016 13:56, Kostiainen, Anssi wrote:
> Zhiqiang - can you summarize the reason for test failures in
> all.html, in particular for test cases that fail in both Chrome and
> Firefox and are not manual tests?
> I believe battery-interface-idlharness.html and
> battery-interface.html tests are overlapping, so we should pick one
> and drop another. If promises support in idlharness.js is limited, we
> might consider using battery-interface.html instead and patch it
> where needed to get good test coverage. Or better, patch
> idlharness.js, and use the former tests.

I've found a bug in how idlharness was being used for battery, and have 
brought a patch:

With that patch (and the the promise-throw patch to ildharness), Firefox 
gets 100% on the idlharness test. Chrome has 4 failures:
* one due to throwing instead of rejecting on promise returning methods 
(in this case, getBattery())
* one due to a bad class string for the prototype of BatteryManager (not 
sure where that comes from)
* two due to not implementing addEventListener/removeEventListener as 

I think the 1st and last 2 bugs can be argued as not specific to Battery 
API; the 2nd one probably deserves more investigation though.

I haven't looked at the manual test cases failures yet.


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