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NEO UBIMEDIA MINDTREK AWARD 2014 (the ubimedia competition) - deadline extended till the 30th September

From: Artur Lugmayr <artur.lugmayr@tut.fi>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 21:35:59 +0300 (EEST)
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THE award for the pervasive, ubiqutious, and ambient intelligent community
EXTENDED Award submission DEADLINE: 30th SEPTEMBER 2014

4th-6th November, Tampere Finland
http://www.numa.fi, http://www.mindtrek.org 

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/numa.award/ 
In cooperation with MindTrek Association, Internatinal Ambient Media Association (iAMEA), 
and the AIS SIG-eMedia

NUMA 2014 - THE award for pervasive, ubiquitous, ambient technologies, media, services, user experience, 
concepts, and applications. We refurbished the competition for 2014 after having received over 220 
competition entries over the past seven years. We want to integrate all the latest trends in the world 
of smart media, as we want to see incredible re-interpretations of the original notion of ubimedia, 
pervasive media, and ambient media. Any new fresh idea is welcome in this area! The vision of ubimedia 
today spreads in smart city concepts, smart cards, and smart phones - and starts to become mainstream - 
there are still many more exciting, seamless, and unobtrusive experiences that need to be discovered. 
We still seek for cutting edge tech innovations, and look for makers that single-handedly engineer 
fascinating new ubimedia services and devices on a shoestring budget. We welcome all ubimedia masterminds, 
pervasive computation enthusiasts, and ambient intelligent researchers to participate in writing the 
next chapter for the most innovative, inspiring, and sometimes slightly mad competition in ubimedia's 
history and seek projects, applications, services, technological solutions, concepts, or new media 
environment as competition entry. Note, there will be also a price sum giving to the very best three 

Possible themes, topics, and areas where your application could contribute to:
- smart environments (smart cars, smart houses, smart devices, smart cities)
- cyber, social, and physical computing
- human computer interaction in the era of ubiquitous computation
- smart robots, interaction with robots, and robotic applications
- new interaction devices (Google glasses, Pebble, ?) 
- big data concepts for pervasive computation
- the ?quantified? self and the digital human
- sensor data, context awareness, and intelligence
- mobile phone applications, NFC technologies, and embedded systems (e.g. Arduino)
- wearable technologies, smart watches, smart glasses, and smart gadgets
- cyber physical systems (CPS)
- urban informatics and smart transportation
- security and safety of environments 
- smart saving of energy, and sustainable environments
- production and industrial applications that are smart
- information systems and management in smart environments
- entertainment applications (e.g. pervasive games, ambient television, ...)
- artisic works, apps, and creative designs
- ergonomics, human-computer interaction designs, and consumer experience
- software, hardware, and middleware frameworks

NUMA is looking for your bold, irritating and mind-opening ideas, no matter if you are a student, 
seasoned researcher, entrepreneur or artist. Whether thesis, project or product - our only condition 
is: you must be able to demo it, otherwise you are out! You will have to prove your idea with a working 
prototype, and if you are nominated you will need to demonstrate your work during MindTrek. As we are a 
cross-disciplinary competition, we created the following categories, to cope with all the latest trends:

- ?NUMA-TEC? - You have been pushing the boundaries of sensors and ubiquitous computing or invented 
  some incredible new pervasive hardware? This award focuses on advances in ?Technology?.

- ?NUMA-KERS? - You have mastered the odds of physical computing and rapid prototyping and want to expose 
  your devices beyond the maker community? This award focuses on the community of ?Makers?.

- ?NUMA-UX? - You are an interaction, experience designer, or artist and have gone where no content 
  has been seen before? This award focuses on the ?Experience?.

- ?NUMA-CONTENT? - You are a content creator, application developer, designer, artist, game designer, 
  or new media developer? This award focuses on new ambient, ubiquitous, and pervasive content.

NUMA 2014 gives all of you the chance to show your work to an interdisciplinary international jury and 
win a the award! Winners will also be invited to become part of the great MindTrek 2014 event and 
community with travel costs covered.

To submit your entry, please go to http://www.numa.fi (http://www.numa.fi/call-open). If you would 
like to get more information or have questions, please send your email to: chairs@lists.numa.fi. 
Subscribe to our email list on: http://lists.numa.fi/mailman/listinfo/numa.

The competition is organized in cooperation with the MindTrek Association (http://www.mindtrek.org) 
and the International Ambient Media Association (iAMEA) (http://www.ambientmediaassociation.org), 
the AIS SIG-eMedia (http://aisnet.org/group/SIG-eMedia) and part of the MindTrek Festival. 
The chairs of the competition are Artur Lugmayr, Tampere Univ. of Technology (TUT), FINLAND; 
Bjoern Stockleben, Univ. of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, GERMANY; and Timothy Merritt, 
Aarhus School of Architecture, DENMARK. 

Website: http://www.numa.fi (http://www.numa.fi/call-open)
Contact Email: chairs@lists.numa.fi 
EMAIL List: http://lists.numa.fi/mailman/listinfo/numa
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/numa.award/ 
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