Re: [admin] Welcome to the DAP WG!

Hi Rick, Dom,

On 18 Sep 2014, at 23:20, Frederick Hirsch <> wrote:

> Welcome to the Device APIs Working Group!
> I am glad to learn you are able to join the Working Group and contribute to the Ambient Light Events specification (as well as possibly other work).

Rick - great to see you join! Iím looking forward to evolving the sensors APIs together in this group.

> A good next step might be to take a look at the latest editors draft of the Ambient Light Events specification at and propose updates.

To make collaboration easier, I was thinking of migrating the Editorís Draft of the Ambient Light Events spec from Hg to GitHub unless someone shouts.

Dom - could you create the following repo for the spec under the W3C org?

[Using the spec shortname as the repo name here.]

> Given the brevity of the specification it might be simplest to edit the draft and then share on the list that draft for review - perhaps it is best to coordinate with Anssi who is an editor of this specification on next steps.

I suggest we use GH and the fork and pull model that makes it easier to review multiple proposals side by side.

Rick - I guess youíd prefer GH as well? The group could review and propose changes to PRs before we merge.

> I donít know if you are familiar with ReSpec but it should make editing fairly straightforward, Anssi can help with that as well (as can I).

This should get you started with ReSpec:

The docs are at:

ReSpec may have some undocumented features, so ping me for help if needed. Thereís also the official support channel ( and its archives are often a helpful resource too.



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