Generic Sensor API kickoff

Hi All,

Thanks for the productive call yesterday.

To follow up with the resolution from the yesterday's call [1], Dom created a repo [2] and Tobie primed it with content using Rick's proposal as a starting point and started populating issues [3] based on yesterday's discussion (thanks Tobie!). The GH repo is at:


All - as agreed on the call, the next step would be to review the open issues [3], embellish and comment them, add new ones.

On a related note, Boris Smus (cc'd) published an article [4] yesterday that nicely summarizes the issues of the current Sensor APIs on the Web. Boris indicated he'd be interested to contribute to this effort.

Tim, Boris - please join the W3C Device APIs Working Group [5] if you plan to make substantial contributions.




Received on Friday, 14 November 2014 15:27:44 UTC