Re: Call for potential DAP charter additions - please respond by 7 July 2014

On June 23, 2014 at 12:03:20 PM, Frederick Hirsch ( wrote:
> All:
> We have previously discussed the possibility of adding a "Standby API” deliverable  
> to the DAP charter. We are asking if there are any other potential DAP work items to  
> add to the charter, as this might affect how we approach updating the charter.

Can we please make sure that the scope is not just the screen. Moz's proprietary implementation supports controlling more than just the wake lock (see [0]). Even if we just start with preventing the screen from dimming, we want to make sure the following is all in scope:

     screen: Prevent screen saver from being turned on and the device going to sleep automatically. This does not prevent the screen from being turned off if the user manually puts the device to sleep (for example by pressing power button).

    cpu: If the user puts the device in sleep mode, don't disable the CPU as long as this lock is held. I.e. allow any applications to continue to run any calculations and save data to disk or network. The screen is however turned off as normal.

    wifi: Prevent the wifi network connection from being disabled even if the device goes into sleep mode. 

> I asked in the message sent 28 May, but have not received any suggested items.
> This is a request to share any potential charter additions for consideration. Please  
> respond by 7 July 2014 (2 weeks) either on the public list (preferred) or privately to  
> myself and Dom.

(this may be in scope already, haven't checked - apologies if they are)

Can we make sure the scope is wide enough so it can maybe include something like Moz's Idle API[1]? Once we have stand-by (or wake lock), we might also want idle. 

We might also want to include the power management API - FxOS currently uses this to "Turn on/off screen, cpu, device power, etc. Listen and inspect resource lock events" [2].  The scope is quite broad and I doubt we would want to expose all that to the Web, but there may be relevant bits we can take that might be useful (e.g., turning on screen when a special event occurs). 


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