Re: [webintents] Should DAP revisit WebIntents?

Thanks Paul, this is really helpful.

On Wed, 02 Jul 2014 20:13:25 +0400, Paul Kinlan <>  

> I would love us to document all the types of actions we know users are
> struggling with (for example, I know a lot of people just want to view
> files in their preferred web app for data that is held locally to them
> and registerContentHandler right now requires a server won't work
> offline at the moment) and then go from there.

> Right now I see: Single shot (a calls b with no data return), Returnable  
> (a calls b, with data being returned), Long-running Chatty (MessagePorts  
> etc).
>  I strongly suspect the API surface and the Usecases for each of these is
> different, but I think even this is too far in to trying to solve the
> problem.
> I would like to see:
>    - A list of use-cases that we need to solve to help users

Yes. As a very occasional participant, where do we put these?

>    - A constrained list of actions that we think are critical (based off
>    use cases) to help developers solve the problem

>    - Thought on where these could fit into the existing platform (i.e,  
> the  pick intent we had, why was that not just part of input  
> type="file"....)

Yep. Although that requires us real progress with the above 2 items.

>    - I would like us to separate out discovery of services a site can  
> offer (i.e, manifest or intent tag etc)
>    - I would like us to separate out service resolution and selection

I agree with both of these in principle, but I'd like to see them clearly  
come out of the first two things you'd like, as logical requirements, or  
understand why we shouldn't expect that. (Actually, I do expect it to  
happen naturally).



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