[discovery] release of Network Service Discovery API open source implementation

As I mentioned in earlier emails, I have been working on an 
implementation of the Network Service Discovery API within the project 
COLTRAM, in collaboration with Fraunhofer FOKUS.

It is an implementation of the current version of NSD on top of UPnP and 
Bonjour. The intention is to follow any changes to NSD, and to influence 
future feature additions.
In particular, the implementation contains extensions to:
- send messages to UPnP and Bonjour services,
- expose UPnP or Bonjour services implemented by a webapp.

It consists in a JavaScript library and a Java application.
The JS library connects to the Java application (usually running on the 
same device) with WebSocket.
The Java application does the discovery, messaging, advertizing, etc.
This has been tested on Windows and MacOSX, with all major browsers. It 
should work in Linux.

We have decided to open the source code of this implementation. It is 
now available on github.

Implementation, compliance analysis, extensions description, 
installation, samples and links to source code are in this blog post:


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