CfC: Shelve Web Intents, Web Intents Addendum, Pick Media Intent, Pick Contacts Intent, respond by 17 May (next Friday)

This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to shelve the Web Intents, Web Intents Addendum, Pick Media Intent, and Pick Contacts Intent specifications (4 specs).

Shelving in this case means that we are not sure the specifications will advance along the lines the drafts indicate. As a result we want to be clear to everyone that we may not advance the specifications or that we may change the approach.  This does not mean that we have decided not to advance them, just that there is a question as to the direction and/or progression at this point. 

In order to advance this work we need support for the underlying technology, which we have been assuming will be a combination of Web Intents and Web Activities. This will require some sharing of proposals on the public list to enable progress. It would be best if we can progress this on the public list by September, so that we can have a meaningful result on the topic at a TPAC F2F.

If we have consensus to shelve the documents, this will have the following immediate consequences:

1. The editors will edit each document to add a warning statement before the abstract.

 I suggest we use the following text (feel free to make suggestions):

"The Device APIs Working Group is currently not progressing the approach outlined in this draft. Please treat this document with caution and do not reference it or use it as the basis for implementation. The domain covered by this document is still within the scope of the Working Group as defined in its Charter. The Working Group may resume this work or adopt an alternative approach depending on the interest of WG members and implementers."

2. On the DAP home page we will move the specifications from the active roadmap [1]  to the list of shelved specifications [2].

I suggest we keep both the links to the latest published draft and editors draft available when we do this. (I can volunteer to make this update if we agree to this CfC).

Please send all comments regarding this CfC to the mail list by 17 May (next Friday).   Silence will be considered as agreement with the proposal. If you support this CfC, a positive response is preferred and encouraged, even if a +1.

Obviously any constructive work on the list regarding the underlying technology would also be welcome.


regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
Chair, W3C DAP Working Group



Received on Wednesday, 8 May 2013 16:09:02 UTC