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:: SAME 2013 at C&T 2013/Munich: Information Management and Systems Supporting Sustainable Communities with Smart Media and Automated Systems ::

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                                 CALL FOR POSITION PAPERS

                                       SAME 2013
             6th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME 2013)

                             Defining the Research Agenda for
                 Information Management and Systems Supporting Sustainable 
                     Communities with Smart Media and Automated Systems

                                 29 June - 02 July 2013
                              in conjunction with C&T 2013


SAME 2013 
Sustainability and sustainable urban environments are one of the goals of various research agendas 
and initiatives as e.g. the Regions of Climate Actions (R20). SAME 2013 devotes to the challenge, how 
information management and systems can support sustainable communities in their regional settings. 
This workshop focuses on the development of a research agenda around the wider topic of how smart 
media and automated systems can support the larger context of sustainability for communities with 
the help of information systems, social web technologies, smart media, and automated systems. The 
workshop defines a research agenda within this particular context, and especially devotes to the 
investigation of opened research issues how ubiquitous and pervasive computation can be utilized to 
create sustainable communities. Energy conservation and saving are one of the key-words SAME 2013 
will devote its focus: sustainable cities ? sustainable community ? sustainable energy ? sustainable 
culture supported by smart information systems, smart media, and fully automated systems. Smart 
electronics and infrastructure will be one major component in creating a green city environment. 
Within the scope of this workshop, the goal is to investigate smart technologies, policies, and projects 
that are devoting to the issue of sustainable communities to create a better living experience.

The workshop aims at answering the following questions for applications, methods, techniques, and 
installations that follow the no-screen, no-keyboard, and no-mouse device idea:
?	Community requirements to create sustainability
?	Regional requirements (e.g. development world) for sustainability
?	Information systems and management supporting sustainability
?	Solutions and applications supporting sustainable developments
?	Community and social aspects creating sustainable values
?	Smart energy, smart grid, and smart consumer solutions
?	Smart technologies and information systems supporting sustainable cities
?	Sustainable presentation of information and learning experience
?	Projects, policies, and regulations exist to support sustainability with smart media
?	Which algorithms and methods exist to gain knowledge about energy and sustainability
?	Collaborative or audience participatory content support sustainability
?	Training communities to support sustainable smart media
?	Storytelling and art that supporting sustainability
?	Community projects creating sustainable smart environments
?	Strategies for business value for smart sustainable environments
?	Experience design, prototyping, and business models in the context of sustainable communities

The following (and related) topics are within the scope of this workshop and shall act as examples:
?	Creation of sustainable communities
?	Ubiquitous computation for sustainable environments
?	Methods and tools to develop smart sustainable environments
?	Intelligent environments creating community value
?	Business models, value-creation, and opportunities
?	Social web approaches supporting sustainability
?	Semantics, and intelligence of ambient media creating sustainability
?	Energy saving through smart electronics
?	Innovations in finance, technologies, and policies
?	Lower cost clean energy through smart technologies
?	Sustainable community projects
?	Smart media for sustainability

We are also aiming at multidisciplinary, highly future oriented submissions that help to develop the 
ambient media form for entertainment services, such as:
?	Case-studies (successful, and especially unsuccessful ones)
?	Oral presentation of fresh and innovative ideas
?	Artistic installations and running system prototypes
?	User-experience studies and evaluations
?	Technological novelties, evaluations, and solutions

*	300 word Position papers should be submitted as word 
        document at: http://www.tut.fi/emmi/Submissions/2013SAME/
*	In addition, each submission should contain: title, list of authors, abstract, list of 3 potential 
        own research contributions and a brief description, list of 5 research questions including a brief 
        description, and a brief literature review of the 5 most significant publications contributing to 
        the thematic, and a free form body text describing the own view in 300 words
*	Final submissions are expected to be 5-10 pages papers according the paper format of C&T 
        available at http://www.ct2013.cnss.de/cfp/ 
*	Please submit your paper at our paper submission system: 
*	Each contribution will be double blind reviewed and the top 10 paper will be selected 
        depending on the review results
*	Best contributions will be compiled to a special issue following up the workshop - we aim at 
        Springer MTAP after reviewing the quality of contributions
*	The workshop will be held according the method ?Design Thinking?, which has been 
        traditionally applied in the SAME series context

Submission deadlines (deadlines for this workshop are strictly observed!):
*	6th May 2013: Deadline for Position Paper Submissions
*	25th May 2013: Notification of Accepted Workshop Position Papers
*	15th June 2013: Camera Ready Accepted Workshop Papers Due
*	29th June 2013:  Workshop day

Pervious Workshops on Semantic Ambient Media Experience: 
?	1st International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experiences held in conjunction with 
ACM Multimedia 2008, (Vancouver, Canada), 
?	2nd International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experiences held in conjunction with 
AmI-09, (Salzburg, Austria), http://webhotel2.tut.fi/emmi/forum/node/55
?	3rd International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experiences held in conjunction with 
AmI-10, (Malaga, Spain), http://www.ambientmediaassociation.org/node/56
?	4rd International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experiences held in conjunction with 
5th International Conference on Communities and Technologies, Brisbane, Australia, 
?	5th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience held in conjunction with 
Pervasive 2012

For each held workshop, a special issue has been created with Springer-Verlag Multimedia Tools & 
Applications. The workshop shall gather people from industry and academia to develop the vision of 
ambient media as new form of smart media. 

?	Artur Lugmayr, Tampere University of Technology (TUT) & lugYmedia Inc., FINLAND
?	Estefan?a Serral Asensio, Technical University Wien (TUW), AUSTRIA
?	Bjoern Stockleben, Univ. of Applied Sciences Magdeburg, GERMANY
?	Thomas Risse, L3S Research Center, GERMANY
?	Bogdan Pogorelc, Jozef Stefan Institute & Spica International d.o.o., SLOVENIA
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