Re: Proposal to change HTML Media Capture to address issue LC-2644

On 17.10.2012, at 19.56, ext Josh Soref wrote:

> Frederick wrote:
>> Concretely, I believe we can resolve this issue by making the following change
>> to section 5.1, "Attributes", of the HTML Media Capture draft [3]:
>> In the table cell for keyword 'camera' and capture control type, change "A
>> camera" to "A still image capture device".


> I think you'll want to include an addition to the NOTE before `A. Examples`

Josh - do you have a proposal in mind?

>> Does this resolve the issue for you? Members of the WG, does this change
>> capture the discussion today?
> Also, if someone is editing the document, "there was no _capture__attribute." The anchor around capture includes the space between it and attribute.



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