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On 26/03/12 21:12, Marcos Caceres wrote:
> On Monday, 26 March 2012 at 18:15, wrote:

>> I agree with Mounir when he says that web intents should be
>> limited
to application to application interaction. We agree that it would be
useful for some very specific use cases but it would be overkill for
more common and popular use cases.
> I also agree. Web Intents makes sense for application to application. 

This discussion seems to be missing out on how users select sensors
according to their location. I don't think we should restrict ourselves
to sensors on the same device as the browser. For example, temperature
sensors which could be located in different rooms in your home. The user
could pick between them without the need for any changes to the web
application itself. As Josh points out, it would even be possible for
the user to pick a weather site that provides local temperature as a
service. This has obvious benefits for privacy, as the web app doesn't
get to fingerprint users in terms of the sensors available.

Different kinds of sensors will have different implications for privacy,
and this suggests that we need to look at the use cases and privacy
implications for each kind of sensor. The work on using the
accelerometer to figure out what some is typing on a nearby keyboard, or
to detect when someone is walking. The ability for a noise sensor to
monitor when people are talking. We can brainstorm ideas and then work
out the implications for each kind of sensor.

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