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Re: : comments of Network Information API

From: Poussa, Sakari <sakari.poussa@intel.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 17:05:17 +0000
To: ⾲ <wujing6@chinaunicom.cn>, 'Mounir Lamouri' <mounir@lamouri.fr>, "public-device-apis@w3.org" <public-device-apis@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CB90A877.14C56%sakari.poussa@intel.com>

I also want to have the 'type' attribute back. For the same reasons than
the others.

I also think that the bandwidth attribute is hard to implement and will
cause inconsistent behavior on WebApps depending on the UA/platform they
run on. Finally, the .metered attribute is confusing and I don't see the
value of it.


On 3/20/12 8:49 PM, "⾲" <wujing6@chinaunicom.cn> wrote:

>As Vodafone's comments on this API last day, I agree that its necessary
>to give users the information about the current network because they will
>pay for that.
>Actually the reason of our suggestion about the attribute 'type' is from
>this concern. The attribute 'type' will not be used to determine the
>network capacity, but tell the users what kind of data connection is
>using only. 
>For example, I'm watching internet video using WiFi, but it disconnects
>for some reason, and the mobile reconnects internet through 3G access
>point, which is usually charging according to the data flow. If we failed
>to tell the user this change as soon as possible, the user will have a
>big problem when he receives his bill at the end of the month. If we have
>the parameter '.type', we can give users an explicit information in
>application when the network is switching and reconnecting.
>On China Unicom's WoPhone introduced on this F2F meeting, we will give
>this information in applications to users. Because we want to reduce the
>bill confusion from users.
>Best Regards.
>: Mounir Lamouri [mailto:mounir@lamouri.fr]
>ʱ: 2012-03-20 0:47
>ռ: public-device-apis@w3.org
>: Re: comments of Network Information API
>On 03/18/2012 02:07 PM, ⾲ wrote:
>> Hi, all
>>    I have a comment of network information:
>>   I Suggest adding the type attribute in connection interface.
>> Mobile devices can connect the network through a variety of methods,
>> such as GPRS, Edge, 3Gnet, 3Gwap, LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, Ethernet and USB.
>> We should tell the users what kind of data connection is using. It is
>> useful to users, especially whose connection is charging according to
>> the data flow.
>Actually, the type attribute was in the previous version of the
>specifications and have been removed on purpose. The reason is that the
>type attribute could be used to fingerprint users and also to do bad
>assumptions regarding the connection characteristics.
>You should be able to find more information about this here:


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