Fw: Comments on Calendar API

Hi, all

  About Calendar API, I suggest adding the ‘title’ attribute in CalendarEvent interface.
  Similar to Android notebook format or a conventional e-mail, a complete event tips should contain a title and a detailed description. Usually, title summarizes the event with a small number of words.
  The title field suggested, should be limited in 10~20Bytes, and should not be NULL. At the same time, the description field existing can allow longer words, and can be set NULL.
interfaceCalendarEvent: EventTarget{
title of type DOMString, readonly
titleis the abstract of the event. It should be limited in 20Bytes.
title should not be NULL.


Philly Li 
Chinaunicom Research Institute, Terminal Research and Support Centre
No.33, Erlong Road, Xicheng District, Beijing P.R.China

Received on Monday, 19 March 2012 07:36:09 UTC