RE: Use cases for NFC API

To add to the use cases already proposed by Tran, here are some more:

- Bob checks into a hotel. The registration desk has an NFC terminal at which keys to access Bob's room can be transferred to his phone. Bob has a "My Keys" Webapp which manages his NFC keys. Bob uses his Webapp to collect his keys from the NFC terminal, through the NFC hardware on his phone. Later, Bob uses the "My Keys" Webapp to unlock his room door and open the minibar. 

- Mary's gym has NFC-enabled exercise equipment. Mary's phone has a "Just Did It" Webapp which tracks her workouts. Mary places her phone near the NFC terminal on various machines as she works out, and details on what she is doing are transferred to her phone automatically. After her workout, Mary touches the phone to her E-health monitor which has collected various info during her workout. The combination of the info in the "Just Did It" Webapp provides Mary a complete view of how effective her workout was.

- Jan gets reward points for checking in at her favorite retailers. Having achieved the "queen of the realm" level for several retailers by faithfully checking in, she likes the fact that her checkin service is reliable and immune to false checkins. Her checkin service provider and retailers enable her to compete fairly on checkins by using NFC to ensure that she was actually in the store, and visited specific departments, as the NFC-based system gives them reliable data on her interests. Jan's "TapCheck" Webapp provides her an easy way to checking via NFC terminals, and to associate that data with ads, offers, and her social networks.

I'm clearly not a fiction writer, but I think these get the point across, and they seem to me to be useful use cases.

Bryan Sullivan

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Hello everyone,

I have been working closely with the NFC group here at my company. Here are some use cases for thoughts:
- Tap and Play: I can tap my device with another device and start playing a Peer-to-peer game.
- Tap and Pay: I can tap my device with a commerce reader and pay
- Tap and Share: I can tap and share a piece of data, like coupons, contacts.
- Tap and Control: I can tap and control another device, like a TV remote
- Tap and Read: Read NFC tags.


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On 07/03/12 17:35, SULLIVAN, BRYAN L wrote:
> Hi,

> There was a mention on the call of someone considering use cases for
> an NFC API. The last email I see on this is
> I am interested in participating in that discussion, if others are
> interested in starting it, and may be able to provide some use cases
> in time for the upcoming F2F (I don't have any use cases to offer
> yet, but I am working to derive them with others on our team involved
> in NFC standardization).

Dom and I have checked and believe that we would need a charter
extension to publish working drafts for NFC. There is no problem
discussing use cases, and a charter extension is a straightforward
matter if current WG members agree.

So please do bring along your list of use cases!

Dave Raggett <>

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