Re: Battery Status API Last Call Feedback ( LC-2574)

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On 4.1.2012, at 12.47, ext Anne van Kesteren wrote:

> * In the list of attributes event handler attributes are listed as well, except they are not defined there. They are defined in the next subsection. Somewhat duplicitous if you ask me.

Robin added the following new feature to the award-winning ReSpec.js (v2):


Add class='no-docs' to the <dt> that defines an attribute, it will cause that attribute to be generate in the WebIDL section but not in the "Attributes" section (and if that causes there to be no Attributes section, then it's not generated at all).


Thanks to this new feature, I'm able to address the last remaining editorial comment. I updated the spec as follows:

* The event handler attributes were removed from the Attributes section. They are defined in their own Event handlers section, so there's no duplication.

* I also fixed two obvious typos (s/dischargingchange/dischargingtimechange/g) in the Event handlers section.

The Latest Editor's Draft is up-to-date:

Thanks Robin!


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