Simplified search processing in Contacts API; towards Last Call


As per my ACTION-394, I've taken a stab at simplifying the contacts API
by making the search filter an implementation-dependent hint.;r2=1.127;f=h

I've also run the document through our checklist at

I think we're clear on most points; the only outstanding one is that we
only talk about including the document base URI in the privacy
consideration, without referring to the top-level browsing context

(on that vein, the privacy considerations talk about revoking
permissions which don't seem to apply in this type of API; also we
probably shouldn't use "MUST" for the UI considerations)

I think these points can be addressed during our 13 days period of a
Call for Consensus towards Last Call and so would suggest we move
forward with that call.


Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 15:00:20 UTC