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I'm not sure I understand the following:

> * A device or widget host should be able to discover, learn or be taught the items in the Reality Checks section

If I the user decide to shut my device off, how would it help for the app to anticipate that, or are we talking about Mac OS X Lion app backups/versioning/app restart to give an example?

(the bicycle example didn't help me here)

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

On Jun 23, 2011, at 11:33 AM, ext Josh Soref wrote:

> I'm sorry that I wasn't able to provide this feedback earlier. I just joined RIM and DAP. This week I spent time talking with two implementation teams here. What follows seems to cover the needs of application developers and users.
> Battery use cases
> * Showing a battery indicator, especially in full-screen
> * Determining if a task can be completed before the device dies or kills the application
> * Trying to be polite: is the user in economy mode / has the user asked to aggressively manage power?
> Reality Checks
> * On a desktop computer running Windows, it's likely that the computer will reboot within three weeks
> * Some users have a tendency to turn off their computers every evening
> * Some mobile devices can use more power than they can take in, e.g. the Nokia n900
> Notes
> * A device or widget host should be able to discover, learn or be taught the items in the Reality Checks section
> Goals
> * Tell an app how long it likely has before he app will be terminated
> * Allow application to ask if it could use certain resources for a certain amount of time without being quit
> * Getting an update on such estimates / profiles
> Ideally, an application should be able to say:
> 1. I'd like to create a long task
> 2. I'm going to need these services: (list - e.g. Location, Graphics)
> 3. I expect it to finish by time: x
> 4. Platform, will this be ok?
> 5. Answer: Currently, that will be fine, if things change, we'll let you know
> 6. <Time passes>
> 7. Application updates query indicating a new completion estimate (for better or worse)
> 8. Platform updates application if it discovers that it will have to kill the application before its completion window expires
> I'll try to take some time to see how this maps to the current proposal.
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