Editorial feedback for Contacts API


Sorry for the delay in providing feedback. I was transitioning for the past few months and didn't have any time to review the DAP work items. I'm now trying to focus on them as part of my new job. 

I can't tell if the document is en-GB or en-US. The API itself is en-US.

[en-GB]> ... utilising existing web platform APIs. 
[en-GB]> ... authorise the retrieval of contact information.
[en-GB]> ... "favourite", "cryptozoologists".
[en-US]> ... utilizing all of the parameters provided in the find() operation as follows: 
[en-US]> ... utilizing all of the parameters provided in the find() operation as follows: 
[en-US]> ... minimize the data that needs to be shared
[en-US]> ... to let that application fulfill

Here are the en-US/en-GB terms:
* authorize/authorise
* favorite/favourite
* fulfill/fulfil
* minimize/minimize
* utilizing/utilizing

Personally, I'd prefer en-US. Originally I was going to suggest selecting en-GB, because I thought that was the dominant form, however, I think that en-US is dominant, so the items I've identified as [en-GB] should be changed.

Other editorial comments...

> ... a user agent must respect revoked permissions. 

"revoked permissions" seems awkward, how about one of: permission revocation / revocation of permissions.

> This in turn often leads to disjointed and inconsistent information 
> being stored across a user's address book providers. 


> A set of Security and Privacy Considerations are presented for the 
> discretion of both implementors
> 3.1 Privacy considerations for implementors of the Contacts API 
> Further to the requirements listed in the previous section, 
> implementors ... extended by implementors of this specification.


-- according to dictionaries, however it seems w3 isn't very good at getting this right...

> formatted for display (e.g. Mr. Joe Smith Jr). 
> This attribute contains the honorific suffix of this Contact. E.g. Jr, III, Sr. 


> paradigms in order to acheive add and update functionality. 


> (i.e MatchedContact is not-null)


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