Network Info: Use cases, roaming information and event based interface

The current Network Information API draft [1] provides information about the underlying connection type. But it is not clear to me how useful these information are. To better understand the scope of the specification I suggest to collect use cases or at least to describe the scope of the spec in more detail in an introductory section.

An obvious use case (among network speed/througput) seems to be cost information. Knowing that this is a difficult task, at least for mobile environments a roaming flag could be a helpful information, since roaming is the major cost driver for mobile data usage (at least in Europe). In case of roaming the user agent could ask the user whether a data connection should be used (i.e. to stay offline or not) or reduce the downloaded amount of data (e..g. not downloading attachments by default in email applications).

Furthermore the current API draft is not event based. But especially in mobile environments the connection type will change (quickly) over time. Therefor I propose to consider an event based approach.

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Received on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 10:20:35 UTC