Re: new Privacy Best Practices draft


On 6.7.2011, at 0.15, ext wrote:

> I have created an initial draft of  a Privacy Best Practices document for service providers.
> see
> Proposed changes to improve this document should be sent to the public list.

Looks good, some comments.

I believe adding some concrete examples to the document would make it easier to understand for implementers. The target audience is both UA implementers and 3rd party service developers, right?

Re "User decisions should be made in context at the time of an operation requiring a decision."

Would it be helpful to give a concrete example of a widely used implicit permission grant via <input type="file"> and/or drag and drop or other deployed mechanism to make this more concrete?

Potentially also some other points outlined in Robert's blog post could be distilled into the doc:


(I fixed the [DAP-PRIVACY-REQS] link and did some minor markup adjustments to the doc.)

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