Re: Review of the Messaging API

Le mardi 05 juillet 2011 à 14:08 +0200, Robin Berjon a écrit :
> On Jul 4, 2011, at 15:09 , Dominique Hazael-Massieux wrote:
> > Here is a random idea: maybe we make sendMessage() an additional method
> > of HTMLAnchorElement that is only available when the user agent knows
> > how to send a message for the given URI scheme?
> That idea seems *very* sexy to me!

I like it somewhat, but I'd be careful about changing direction again
before getting some form of feedback from potential implementors.

>  But maybe with a twist. It vexes me somewhat that this almost turns
> sendMessage() into click() + attachments.

To the cost of being pedantic, I don't think that there is any spec that
says that clicking on "mailto:" (resp. "sms:" and "mms:") links should
trigger the sending of a message; it could very adequately allow to save
the address in an addressbook, or offer several options on how to deal
with that address.

As such, sendMessage() would have more semantics than a simple click

>  Either it's not like click() and it's a bit strange to have it on
> HTMLAnchorElement,

I'm not sure I follow that argument?

>  or it is in which case it should just be click(). How about putting
> void addAttachments(Blob[] bigPinkBlobs) on HTMLAnchorElement, it
> being only available when the scheme is thought to be supported (the
> UA can rarely be 100% sure, but guessing is possible) and supports
> attachments?

I'd be fine with addAttachments(), but sendMessage() doesn't seem bad
either; we could also keep the success callback with sendMessage.

> I like it! I'd also like someone to write a history of the designs of this API :)

Has anyone ever written the history of how a sausage is designed?

> I'm surprised MWBP doesn't have something about that.

If by MWBP you mean the Mobile Web Best Practices, they are about the
content, not about the browsers.

>  Most browsers seem to have taken this issue into consideration (but
> not Firefox) if not interoperably (given the above, WebKits only open
> the link once, Opera refuses to trigger a mailto onload, I'm too lazy
> to boot up IE).


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