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On 30.6.2011, at 3.42, ext Rob Manson wrote:

> What I'm specifically interested in, as the subject line says, is how
> these different APIs and features all work together in an integrated
> way.

The web platform, including Device APIs, should work well together. Thus e.g. the HTML Design Principles ( apply here as well. Consistency is key.

> For example, with the orientation API some browsers return values
> because the browser supports the API even if the device doesn't (e.g.
> Chrome).  But other APIs/Browsers don't do this.

You should sent your detailed Device Orientation specific feedback to the Geolocation WG mailing list ( I'm sure they'd appreciate any feedback from early adopters. That said, the First Public Working Draft of the Device Orientation spec was published just a week ago, so I would not expect early implementations to be flawless.

> And across the board
> there doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern of "UA support" vs "device
> support" that we can introspect.

What is not covered by feature detection techniques?

> I saw this design pattern link shared
> on the whatwg irc channel recently and was hoping it would also deal
> with this type of pattern.
> Perhaps there's a more up-to-date or relevant place I should be looking?

That document is an early Editor's Draft, and in its current form it's vague and incomplete, and thus obsolete. We should make that more obvious (currently, it is listed as "exploratory work" on the DAP home page, and the doc abstract is misleading by stating that "these are the requirements for the API Design Patterns work undertaken by the DAP WG").

The doc has been superseded by an informal checklist (work in progress):


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