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> > Ex5)  <input type="file" accept="image/*" capture="microphone">
> >
> >     => It's to allow to take picture, select a file from file system.
> >
> >     => The capture attirbute is ignored because the value is
> > "microphone" but it is not allowed to record a sound
> >
> >     => It's the file picker present the interface for camera by
> > default. The user can select the interface for camera within the file
> > picker
> That's indeed what the current specification suggest (although not very
> explicitly); but this might open for discussion. The question really is which of
> the two attributes (accept vs capture) should have prevalence when they
> contradict each other.

According to the spec, the capture *may* be present and just provides *a hint* on what you prefer to use:  an existing image/video/audio file from the FS or capture a new one.

My interpretation from the spec is that the important attribute is accept, which is what instructs what you want to get, and the fact that we have camera/camcorder/microphone as options for capture is just redundant, it could just be new or filesystem.

What is the reason for having camera/camcorder/microphone as capture options when they correlate 1 to 1 with the image/video/audio accept values?

I'm probably missing something :)


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