Calendar API description and summary semantics


The description and summary attributes of the Contacts API are defined as "a description of the event" and "a summary of the event" [1]. This is a bit vague and I'd suggest adapting the language from the iCalendar.

The iCalendar spec defines its description [2] and summary [3] properties as follows:


Property Name: DESCRIPTION

Purpose: This property provides a more complete description of the calendar component than that provided by the "SUMMARY" property.


Property Name:  SUMMARY

Purpose: This property defines a short summary or subject for the calendar component.


Also the corresponding Contacts API examples seem to suggest the semantics are different from those of the iCalendar. I'd suggest we switch the examples around or e.g. adapt one of the iCalendar examples [4].



Received on Friday, 1 July 2011 08:18:24 UTC