Rechartering Device APIs & Policy Working Group

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Sorry for the late response.  +1 from Vodafone to the current rechartering proposal.  The removal from the Policy Framework deliverable from the WG's charter is not ideal but we understand the rationale behind that proposal and support it given the never-ending discussion and little progress that has been achieved around it.

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> Hi,
> The current charter [1] of our Working Group will expire at 
> the end of June this year; it is pretty clear that our work 
> will not be done by then and thus will need to extend or 
> renew our charter.
> Given that our understanding of the work that needs to be 
> done has evolved quite a bit, and also due to the lack of 
> involvement of potential implementors of our work in the 
> group, the Chairs and Staff Contacts are suggesting that we 
> should try to refine our charter and have it reviewed by W3C 
> Advisory Committee.
> To that end, I've been working on a proposed new charter for 
> the group:
> This charter introduces several important changes — which are 
> all up for discussion.
> The most important change is the removal of the Policy 
> Framework as a deliverable of the group. That proposed change 
> is motivated by the following reasons:
> * the work has only had limited traction in the group so far,
> * the policy framework is architecturally independent of the 
> APIs, while its bundling with our work on APIs has been the 
> source of misunderstandings from potential implementors.
> To reflect the removal of the said framework, we're proposing 
> to rename the group to "Device APIs Working Group" — although 
> the group would still be referred as DAP since that's now a 
> well-known moniker.
> The removal of the Policy Framework doesn't mean that the 
> group would stop working on security. On the contrary, the 
> new charter puts a strong emphasis on the needs surrounding 
> security and privacy (privacy which was actually missing from 
> the previous charter.) We've already received feedback that 
> the current wording around security isn't satisfying and 
> welcome proposed changes to the text.
> Finally, the new charter tightens the scope of our APIs to 
> reflect the ones we've actually been working on — the very 
> broad scope of our current charter has been an explicit 
> showstopper for some W3C Members to join the group.
> You can see a diff between the two versions of the charter at:
> 2F05%2FDeviceAPICharter&
> 2FDeviceAPICharter.html
> We very much welcome feedback and suggestions on this new 
> charter, which will also be discussed during our F2F in Seoul.
> Dom
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