[Feature Permissions] RE: ACTION-436: Provide an example for Permissions

  if (response == 2) {  // should use USER_ALLOWED constant

Also, in the spec http://dev.w3.org/2009/dap/perms/FeaturePermissions.html

The description for "feature" in section 3.2 Methods seems to be incorrect. It said "Returns one of the permission values USER_ALLOWED, DEFAULT_ALLOWED, DEFAULT_DENIED, USER_DENIED." Instead of "Describes the feature that is been requested for permission to access"

Dzung Tran

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Wongsuk wrote:
> var featureID = "contacts";
> function doSomeThing() {
>  // Getting the permission level of a feature
>  var response = navigator.permissionLevel(featureID);
>  if (response === 2) {   //  USER_ALLOWED = 2
>    // Do something with USER_ALLOWED permission
>     getContacts(); // Perform an contacts search

This should be either `a contact` or `a contacts` (certainly not `an`)

>                     ...
>  }

Please note that you should have braces for the else block:
>  else
>    // Do something with USER_DENIED permission

>    alert("This web app will be working except your "+featureID+" information");

s/your/there will be no integration to retrieve/

> }
> navigator.requestPermission(featureID, doSomeThing);

Note that this message is not an endorsement of the feature...

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