New charter for Device APIs Working Group


The new charter for our group has been approved and announced by the W3C

This new charter, under which the group is now known as “Device APIs
Working Group”, is very similar to the one that was discussed within the
group before submission to AC Review.

It incorporates in particular new deliverables around device discovery,
clarifies the scope of existing deliverables, etc.

The main modifications that were brought to it during the review by the
advisory committee were:
* explicit inclusion of the ability to form task forces to respond to
the needs of a number of Members that want to invest their time only in
a subset of deliverables

* clarifications that device/service discovery might be moved to a
separate group if the need arises

Participants have now 45 days to rejoin the group before they get
automatically removed from the mailing list and the various tools the
group is using.

To join the group, please refer to:


Received on Monday, 22 August 2011 06:43:59 UTC