Re: New community group: native Web Apps

My understanding is that normal members aren't "free" to join a CG, but in fact need their AC's approval....

(mailinglists may be different)

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As you might have heard, W3C started this week a new form of groups
called Community Groups, that pretty much anyone can propose, and anyone
can join once they're formed.

One such a group was formed this morning that might be of interest to
participants in this group: the Native Web Apps Community Group:

It's not exactly clear what this group will be doing yet, but if the
topic is of interest to you and you think there is work that can be done
in this space to help, feel free to join the group, or the mailing list,

(FWIW, I've joined the group, but didn't propose it, and am not sure
myself yet what's the outcome of the group will or should be... so I
wouldn't be able to respond to inquiries about that :)


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