Proposed roadmap revisions based on re-chartering

We need to update the roadmap on the home page based on re-chartering, given the draft charter at

I propose changes to the roadmap at as follows (items are alphabetical within a category):

(1)  High priority items should include those called out to enter CR in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012, specifically Contacts, HTML Media Capture, Battery and Network APIs

Thus I'd suggest moving Battery and Network Information API from "Other" to "Priority", keeping Contacts, HTML Media Capture, and Messaging  in this category (as we've simplified messaging so that we can move it forward quickly)

Priority:  Battery, Contacts, HTML Media Capture, Messaging, and Network Information

(2) Move Calendar to Other as it will follow contacts and require more time.

Keep Permissions fo Device API Access in this category.

Add new items:  Vibration API, Menu API, Application Registration API

Other: Application Registration API,  Calendar, Feature Permissions,   Generic Sensor API , Menu API, Vibration API

(3) Remove User Interaction and Application Launcher from "At Risk" as no longer chartered. Keep Gallery, SysInfo and Tasks here. Add Beep as it is chartered but we do not plan to work on this, likewise for Audio Volume.

At Risk:  Audio Volume reading API, Beep, Gallery, SysInfo and Tasks

(4) We don't have a deliverable for Discovery and are not clear on the direction so I'd put that under the exploratory category. Also put  Generic Sensor API here as this is also being explored. Keep Privacy Ruleset. Remove API Design Patterns as it is obsolete.

Exploratory: Discovery, Generic Sensor API, Privacy Rulesets.

(5) Add link to archived page

Archived: API Design Patterns

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

This should complete ACTION-445

Received on Thursday, 18 August 2011 21:11:17 UTC