Re: [Sensors] Ambient Light Sensor use cases

On 7/26/11 3:27 PM, Josh Soref wrote:
> The only use I've actually seen for the ALS in a standalone application was an application that functioned as a light meter and tried to tell me what kind of light source was above my device. That wasn't compelling, although I was willing to try it for a bit. Note that I could have told my device the answer. And a simple UI would let me do a better job. In fact, your average camera*has*  simple UIs for this purpose (even basic cameras). You can generally select "indoor" or "outdoor" or "cloudy". And users more or less are used to being given such options (although Camera UIs are not necessarily wonderful in this area, the options are at least familiar).

How about using the light meter as a first step in deciding whether to 
turn on video or
picture capture... When the light meter changes substantially, it may 
signal that "something" has happened,
at which point more heavy-duty functions such as video camera would be 
turned on.

Saves battery/power usage.

similar concept as compressed sensing


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