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Regrets for today meeting due to conflict in agenda.

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Agenda - Device APIs and Policy Working Group - Distributed Meeting  #57 2011-04-06

Meeting details at the bottom of this email.

1) Welcome, agenda review, scribe selection, announcements

* Note any additions or changes to agenda
* Select scribe: <>

1a) June/July DAP F2F questionnaire, conclude this week:

1b) fyi, HTML 5 license, (Robin)

1c) WebApps testing, request for feedback,

2)   Minutes approval

proposed RESOLUTION: Minutes from 30 March 2011 are approved

4) Charter Draft

Current charter,

Proposed charter,

Sensor API discussion, (Claes)

ACTION-343		Propose better wording for System information and events api in new charter	Richard Tibbett

ACTION-344		Propose concrete text for privacy and feature permission for draft charter	Frederick Hirsch

5) Editorial/Publication Status updates

5a) HTML Media Capture, role attribute update (Dom), WD update, then Last Call CfC

5b) FPWD of Message draft based on alternative URI based approach

ACTION-363		See with Maria on how to proceed for updated messaging api draft	Dominique Hazaël-Massieux

5c) Contacts

Device task source, (Robin)

ACTION-257		Define what goes on for concurrent calls to find() when there is no error callback (and step three also needs to define that); then report to group so we can do the same to SysInfo get	Richard Tibbett

ACTION-271		Figure out the event loop stuff for contacts	Robin Berjon

Editor action (Rich) to update search filters, then CfC for Last Call 

5d) Calendar

Editor action (Dom) to add note re time zones, then CfC for FPWD

5e) API Requirements note

ACTION-281		Take a stab at updating the API Requirements documents	Dom

6) Battery Status Event Spec

initial editors draft,

Comment, discussion? Next steps.

7) Network Connection API Spec (Suresh)

use cases, (Dzung)

ACTION-294		Create an editors draft for new proposed network connection API	Richard Tibbett

8) Action and Issue review

8a) Pending actions - closed without discussion unless concern raised.

ACTION-358		Provide first editors draft of a Battery status API	Anssi Kostiainen

8b) Open Action review

Please review your actions at

When completed change status to "Pending" and send email to public list indicating conclusion, as well as referencing ACTION-nnn in email (for tracker)

Are the following completed or moot and can be closed?

ACTION-251		Review privacy text related to ISSUE-78 for capture	John Morris

ACTION-307		Send email to list with resolutions for open issues against contacts, clarifying status	Richard Tibbett

ACTION-330		Review SysInfo privacy considerations section, and ISSUE-64 on "generic"	John Morriscompleted, close?

ACTION-323		Update sysinfo related to power discussion	Bryan Sullivan

ACTION-339		Go through existing DAP APIs to see if there are use cases there for Feat Perms (or if the existing approaches work better)	Laszlo Gombos

8c) Issue review

ISSUE-101		Should we define a default audio (video?) codec for capture? if so, which?	2010-09-01

WG decision not to define default codec?

9) Other Business

10) Adjourn

Meeting Details:

Zakim Bridge: +1.617.761.6200, +, or +44.117.370.6152
Conference code: 3279 ("DAPW", or "EASY")
IRC channel: 

Instructions on meetings :
regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

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