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> My DAP and Open Source Testing Tools notes (in markdown) presented during the f2f day 2 attached.

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# DAP and Open Source Testing Tools

## PhoneGap
    * A development framework for building cross-platform mobile web apps
    * All major mobile platforms supported
    * Implements some DAP APIs, releases early and often
    * Not a testing tool, uses QUnit (test suite) and Mobile Spec (unit tests) for testing

## QUnit
    * #1 popular JS test suite, used by e.g. jQuery and PhoneGap
    * A test runner for performing unit tests w/ a jQuery-like API
    * Capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, also asynchronous

## Mobile Spec
    * A set of QUnit-compatible unit tests for PhoneGap
    * Some DAP API unit tests available
        * Contacts API and Contacts Writer API:
        * System Information API:

## Why QUnit and Mobile Spec?
    * Robust, tried, tested and permissively licensed open source projects
    * Well-behaving on all major mobile platforms
    * Unit tests for some DAP APIs ready-made
    * Makes writing tests easy and fun, good fit for test-driven development
    * Re-use and contribute to existing projects

## Why Not?

    * Not optimal for functional testing (user interaction), e.g. file picker interactions
    * Potential license incompatibility w/ W3C? (PhoneGap: MIT, QUnit: MIT+GPL, Mobile Spec: MIT)
    * Not Invented Here, not aligned with other W3C testing efforts
        * (by jgraham@opera)

## Misc Notes
    * Testing interfaces w/o JS binding is problematic ([NoInterfaceObject])
    * For functional testing, add Selenium to the mix:



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