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> (Out of the above mcc and mnc were removed in the latest revision done today.)

I removed mcc and mnc because these were redundant due to the fact that you can get that information from apn as for example:

Examples of APN are:

    Example: internet.mnc012.mcc345.gprs
    Example: internet (NOTE: This APN example does not contain an operator identifier part)

This is what I have researched, if this is incorrect, please let me know then I will put these back.

Dzung Tran

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> 3. I can see how apn, operatorName, roaming, mcc, and mnc could be  
> useful for tailoring services for specific networks. One question is  
> whether having apn, operatorName, and mnc is redundant. What can an  
> app learn from one of those that it can't glean from one of the  
> others? I don't know enough about cell networks to answer that  
> question, but if they are redundant, it probably makes sense to only  
> include the one that subsumes the others. (And here again, I wonder  
> whether revealing private APNs would create security warnings.)

During last week's telco the WG was requesting use cases for exposing network attributes that are currently in danger of being dropped out. We did some thinking and came up with the following use cases. The below UCs are applicable to widgets (implying user's consent is required during installation), and not necessarily for the open web.

- apn

A widget wants to implement operator billing. A specific access point must be in use to do so. For this UC to be implementable the property would also need to be settable (set() was removed in r1.95 [1], for related discussion see [2]). Including apn would be future proofing at this point w/o set().

- operatorName, mcc, mnc (re ACTION-176)

A widget wants to find out in which country, region, network and operator it is running in so it can provide a customized offering for that specific area. Some operators may demand certain features to be turned off in their networks and the widget should adapt accordingly by e.g. limiting the amount of data transferred.

- roaming (re ACTION-177)

A widget wants to optimize the user experience by reducing data traffic or displaying user warnings about increased data costs when the device is roaming.

(Out of the above mcc and mnc were removed in the latest revision done today.)



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