Re: Sys Info network attributes

On 20 May 2010, at 22:07, Doug Turner wrote:

> Although, like Jonas, I do not think that Firefox will implement this API given the risk/reward, but I thought I would express some personal opinion here.
> Today, one of the sources of position is a mapping from wifi data to physical position.  Given a set of mac address and signal strengths, you can ask a provider where you are.  These providers basically drive around, scan for these signals, and record the GPS location.
> If today we implemented System API in the browser.... a very nice use case would be to allow users to upload mac address and their position.  A user content generated approach to what Google and Skyhook has done requiring no software other than their browser.

We're talking different mac addresses here:  The mac address of the user's device permits uniquely identifying (and tracking) the user.  The mac addresses (and signal strengths) of wireless access points enable geolocation services.

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